About Us

Chochmat Nashim combats extremism and the exclusion of women throughout the Orthodox community and Israeli society. Stemming from a false definition of modesty, these trends cause financial, emotional and health damage to Jewish women.

We use new and traditional media and a network of individuals and organizations, to pushback the slide to extremism.

Specifically, we target the increasing erasing of women from publications, the exclusion of women from policy making decisions, poor health due to hyper-modesty, and the damage to the Jewish community as a result of these trends. We do this by identifying the issues, articulating them to wide audiences and providing opportunities to mobilize communities toward solutions.

Our work can be seen in The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, The Forward, The UK Jewish Chronicle, Kipa.co.il, our JewishCoffeeHouse.com podcast, and here on our site.

Our Mission

Chochmat Nashim believes that Judaism is better when women are heard. With stronger voices in policymaking, community activism, and religious discourse, women’s involvement will directly engender a healthier, sustainable Jewish world.

Making change

in the community

Extremism is gaining ground at an alarming rate in the Jewish world. Women are often disproportionately affected by these dangerous trends. When women are silenced, this imbalance is exacerbated. Chochmat Nashim amplifies the voice of religious women as the key to shifting and improving religious society. While numerous organizations address the legal, legislative and rabbinic processes that set policy from the top-down, Chochmat Nashim is the only organized force of women solely focused on shifting conversations and igniting the Jewish community toward addressing social attitudes from the bottom-up. The time is ripe with opportunity for religious women to fill a communal role and project a creative and vocal presence for the betterment of local and global Judaism.


Stronger Together

We partner with leading organizations that share our goals and values, such as ITIM, Kolech, The Center for Women’s Justice, Mavoi Satum, Yad La’isha and the International Young Israel Movement, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA), as well as members of Knesset, social activists, community rabbis and religious leaders.

Who We Are

Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

Shoshanna lives in Israel with her family and writes and speaks on women and Judaism, Israel, and other contemporary issues.  You can read her work in The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, The Jewish Chronicle, The Forward or visit her site www.skjaskoll.com.

Rachel Stomel

Rachel is a translator, writer, graphic designer and activist passionate about social justice in the Jewish community, with a special focus on women’s rights and issues of religion and state in Israel. She utilizes social media and organizes events to engage the community in support of causes dear to her. Read her blog here.

Anne Gordon

Anne has spent many years learning and teaching Torah in the women’s institutions of learning of Jerusalem and New York. She is currently the Deputy Ops & Blogs editor at the Times of Israel, and is working on a very slow doctorate in Jewish education.

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